We're Here While You're Away.

Especially For You (EFY) offers year-round property management services that we can provide weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or any other interval at your request.  During our visits, we will walk the exterior and interior of the property, thoroughly checking every room, window and door. 

EFY checks to see if your oil/propane furnaces, thermostats, windows and doors are working properly and secure. We look for leaking pipes, water stains on  ceilings, and evidence of pests or rodents.  We walk the outside of your home looking for trees or branches that may have fallen, signs of forced entry, structural damage.

We will alert you to anything we discover on our visits to your property, and consult with you on arranging for any services as you deem necessary or desirable. Our goal is to manage and maintain your property so that when you arrive, you can relax and enjoy it.